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Just living, LIVIN…

It’s bee It’s been a while since my last posting. So much has happened and changed in the past couple of months but at the same time we continue to just live and time passes and you forget that this expat life is different ...Read More


Cambodia. Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I desire to visit Cambodia. When an expat friend told me they were visiting Siem Reap, in Cambodia my first thoughts were of  those old Sally Struthers save the children commercials. I remember those commercials making ...Read More

How can anyone NOT love Steven Tyler?

Animal lover that I am, right now I’m fighting feelings of “man I wish that dog would shut it!” And in the mornings I’m always thinking “if that bird doesn’t shut up I’m going to go outside, climb the roof and scream it down”…lol ...Read More

Wow. I LIVE in Malaysia…….

Sometimes the fact that we are living in Southeast Asia really sinks in. Like this morning….I am backing out of my gated driveway, making my way out, skirting all the other parked cars and the house servants who are washing them and sweeping up ...Read More

The little things….

I love the “wet market”, picking out my own fresh food.  From poultry, fish, pork and veggies….that the vendor will skin, peel, de-bone, and de-vein whatever you want….and the prices are just right too, and they remember you and call you by name. It’s ...Read More

Buckle your seat belts…..

Driving in Malaysia….or to be exact driving in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas is one tricky feat. “You will get used to it”, “just use a GPS” and oh here’s my favorite “have you had an accident yet?” are the three phrases you ...Read More

Been here over a month and wow!!!!!

Where to begin? I should have started this blog weeks ago but I was filled with wonder as everyday has been one truly new and exciting experience after another.  I’m not sure that I let myself have any high expectations before I came out ...Read More