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Damn it to hell, do I seriously look like I might have a bomb in my purse? F this and F that, the F-bombs are flying around in my head as my purse gets opened and checked at the entry of my neighborhood mall.  Yes the F-bombs are flying in my thoughts and I am cursing the ridiculous rituals of having my purse checked every time we enter any kind of store, mall, place of business etc. So pointless because the check consists of me opening my purse, the security girl waving some wand over it, not even glancing into my open purse and letting me pass. I am now walking fast, my walk turns into a jog and then all of a sudden I am sprinting (I can sprint). Yes  I am running to the nearest bathroom stall before a scene right of Bridesmaids becomes my reality.  The good news is I made it to the restroom in time, the bad news is I’m still struggling this evening. Ok, so why is my tummy reeling when I  have been so careful about where I shop for groceries, where we eat out and how our meals are prepared? Probably because yesterday we deliberately ignored every bit of advice on how NOT to get Delhi belly and we did so willingly, throwing caution to the wind and just hoped for the best.  I think after a long run of not getting the runs you start thinking you’re immune. I think most of the group we were with yesterday is immune because I am the only one with a bad tummy today.

What did we do yesterday?  Well, after seven months of living here we finally went sight seeing! I can’t believe we have been here this long and that this was our first time doing an actual day tour with a tour guide and everything.  Thanks to our good friend Jennifer for organizing the day and to Kavari for showing us some very interesting sights! Friends if you ever visit be prepared, this is just one of the many tours Bluefoot arranges and that we might take you on. I am very lucky that Jennifer’s husband blogs because he wrote a very detailed account of our tour. His post about our “Temple Run” even includes video! So check it it out, he’s my favorite blogger and paints a good picture of the sights we visited (which included local eateries) and the unanimous feeling that we should try harder to see more of what goes on around us and try to at least be aware of the many different beliefs and traditions in this city that we are currently calling home.


Since Britten did such an excellent job of writing about our tour, I am just going to post some pics and expand on them a little. Don’t worry.  I won’t always “steal” his postings. Just for tonight because truthfully, do you really want me blogging from the bathroom?

I didn’t think so.



The snake temple.

When the British came to India they filled in on the lakes to get rid of all the snakes. There were no wars in India at that time but a high death rate due to snake bites thus the reasoning to kill off the snakes. However the Hindus didn’t believe in the killing of snakes and so to apologize to the snakes they built temples in their honor on the grounds that once were the lakes.  They believe that worshiping at the snake temple and following very specific instructions on how to worship there can cure very specific problems you are having in your life. For example let’s say you have a child who is doing poorly in school, you can ask your priest for guidance and he will tell you to go to the snake temple and put flowers on the 7th snake statue on the second row and then spin around three times as you do it.


We watched this lady for a while after our breakfast at the snake temple.  I really hope that whatever she is praying for comes true.  She was there for a long time.

Cemetery leading to Black Temple and Black Temple pics.  This was interesting, primitive and disturbing not judging just my feelings on this particular experience.  I couldn’t bring myself to take pics of the sacrificed chickens.
My favorite part of the tour!  Washerman’s Village!

We drive past this area at least twice a week.  Every time I have passed I always look up from my reading to take in the sight of the lines and lines of laundry drying. Don’t know why but it always give me a calm feeling.  I was so surprised and excited that this was a place on our tour and I would finally get to see what goes on beyond the rows and rows of clothes. What we found was a small village that does laundry for local businesses. their work area is just about fifty yards from where they live. I did not know that in passing. A whole village was behind the rows of laundry. We got to see the washers at work, and then walk around their village and interact with the people who live there. Truly a lovely experience.

The wash cycle

The spin cycle
And of course the dryer.
Look at this old time iron that will be used.  The iron is filled with hot coals and very heavy.  I couldn’t hold it for more than a few seconds.


Our pretty boys in their clothes for the visit to the Sikh Temple.  Another place that I frequently pass but didn’t wonder too much about.  Found out that it is a place that is all about peace and love and no negativity.  On Sundays no matter what race or religion they feed anyone who comes there for free.  All those who come to cook and help out are volunteers.  It was really interesting and perhaps will visit again someday to do some real volunteering.


Jma and I in our head gear at the Sikh temple as showing your hair is considered vain.  Everyone covers their hair to enter, even the men.

I’m very disappointed in myself in that the last we visited I did not take any pics.  The place was a caricature gallery of Bangalore from times past.  It was really interesting and amusing and fun to try and match the prints to their current locations.  Much has changed from the scenes that are depicted.  Very much. I can’t wait to visit the gallery again and hear more about the history of Bangalore.


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