I must have done something good…..

Twelve years ago today, I met John. A year and a day later I married him.  I guess ours is a typical story, a couple meets, falls in love, gets married, has a baby and lives happily ever after.

Except our story is a little different because when we met, I had already been married and divorced, had two teenagers, two cats and had been a single mom for a long time.

John was ten years younger, never married, no kids and allergic to cats, (probably to teens too but he never let on). He lived in a bachelor pad in the city and me and the kids were in a Houston suburb, way out of the centre of Houston. Ha, how could he possibly be interested in a woman ten years older, divorced, with teenagers and cats?

How indeed!  But, this single, gorgeous, smart, sexy, young bachelor fell in love with me, swept me off my feet, took on my teenagers and my cats and married us.

My daughter Victoria and my son Vincent though happy that I had found someone were  as you would expect a little wary of our relationship, it had been just me and them for so long (14 years).  I’m sure they worried and wondered how we would all get on together.  But as the years went by and John got to know them and they him, a mutual love between John and them grew and there is a wonderful bond between us all.  That bond only strengthened and grew once we were blessed to add Bruce to our family.  I am always deeply moved whenever John is asked how many kids he has as he always responds with “three, I have three children”.  He is Tori and Vincent’s step-father  because no one can replace their own father, but he is a father in every manner that he can be and the love and respect is mutual and really beautiful between them. I feel so blessed.

Who would have guessed that in our 11 years of marriage, we would live in four different countries and one of them being India?  Not the easiest of our years married but definitely interesting and life changing. No, our lives have not turned out anything like I imagined when we were first married.  I had no idea our years together would be filled with so much adventure and new experiences!  I woke up this morning so happy and giddy and told John to hurry home from work today because even though today was only the anniversary of the day we met, it marked the day that our lives would entwine and become the first day of our many wonderful days ahead.

On that note, John and I gave each other our wedding anniversary gifts tonight, lol, we were both so anxious to give the other our presents that neither of us could wait to tomorrow!

And as I sit here writing and reflecting on our years together I am filled with such gratefulness in my heart and such amazement that I am truly with the man that I love with all my heart and am as crazy about today as I was the day I married him.

These song lyrics have been in my head all day, “So somewhere in my youth or childhood…..I must have done something good”


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