The Princess Bride

I remember very vividly when Victoria’s favorite movie was “The Princess Bride”, I  remember how she found my wedding veil and a pair of my high heels and she put her little wedding outfit together and pretended to be Princess Buttercup.  That picture though not caught on camera is clear as day to me when I think on it.  She was only about 4 years old and she was so caught up in the Princess bride story that she even recited a line to an unsuspecting waitress at a restaurant when she was asked what she would like to drink, ” I died that day!”  Poor waitress, all she wanted was her drink order! I’m laughing as I think on it, the scene in that movie that Victoria was quoting goes like this:

Buttercup: And what am I?
Man in Black: Faithfulness he talked of, madam, your enduring faithfulness! Now, tell me truly. When you found out he was gone, did you get engaged to your prince that same hour, or did you wait a whole week out of respect for the dead?
Buttercup[standing up, more indignant than before] You mocked me once, never do it again! I died that day!

Victoria acted out that scene and many others from that movie many times, and played with that poor veil almost daily. I have no regrets that after months and months of playing with my veil, well, it didn’t survive.  To this day, The Princess Bride remains a family favorite, and the movie is on my mind these days as we are gearing up for my her wedding. The movie is about true love ( Wuv, twu wuv), it’s an action packed love story that includes pirates, screaming eels, giants and of course a Princess and her true love.  As I sit here reflecting on the movie and my daughter, I’m a bit choked up and tears are never far away.  You see, my “little girl” is quite grown up, in reality a young woman about to get married in a few short weeks. Please believe, I don’t know why I’ve become so emotional, and the tears..well they’re very happy ones. What does my daughter and her upcoming wedding have to do with the Princess Bride movie? Why am I thinking on it so much? Probably because my little girl used to pretend that she was the Princess Bride and now, well, she’s about to be one.  I keep seeing in my mind, the little girl playing as a bride years and years ago, it’s hard believing that she has become the young woman about to live out her very own fairy tale wedding.

When your children are born, you look at them in awe and wonder and delight. Unconditional love immediately fills your heart….you are so happy and so blessed.  You count fingers and toes, you marvel at the hair or lack of on their heads.  You smile, you cry, you are overwhelmed with this thing called motherhood and from then on, from that day forward, without even realising it fully, you are a mother forever and ever and your child (children), no matter how old they get, when one month turns into one year, one years turns into 10, 10 turns into teen years, and so on, you remain “mother”and though the years keep going, you still look upon them as your little ones.  Then one day……..something happens.  They really and truly grow up.  They finish high school, then college, they move away.  They have their own jobs, their own lives, they  make their own rules, their own money, they  pick their own places to live, they fall in love. They get married.

To be continued….

Victoria’s and Vincent’s and Bruce’s Mom,


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