You are “The Bruno Marsiest couple” in here…..

“I’ll own that!” was John’s happy reply after our beautiful friend messaged that comment to us at the Bruno Mars concert in Amsterdam on Tuesday night.  And WOW! What a concert that was!  Amazing, fantastic, FUN, fabulous, energetic, great, all those words just don’t seem “enough” to describe the mood, the synergy that night with the entertainers and the music and the crowd.  I don’t know, all I know is that I lost myself in the music, the songs, in Bruno’s Mar’s sexy dance moves and charisma on stage…….and I danced the night away right next to my favorite singing and dancing partner,  John.

Me and Bruno

If you’ve ever been to a concert in Amsterdam, you know that most Dutch people don’t dance or sing at the concerts.  They kind of just sit and clap energetically and video record the concert as it is going on.  They rarely get up and dance, and are probably annoyed with people like me and my friends who do.  It takes a really special artist to call them out, get them on their feet and get them dancing.  Dave Grohl of Foo Footers accomplished this last year, and this year it was Bruno Mars!  I think Bruno had almost the whole Ziggo Dome on their feet dancing and singing along with him, but only after he requested that they stop video recording, join in, enjoy and be one with the moment, which I must admit that I also took his words literally and put my phone away too.


Calling all my lovelies….

It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be….putting away my camera and losing myself.  When I decided to enjoy every moment and commit it to memory and not worry about getting the perfect picture, I committed whole heartedly.   At most concerts, I am right there always singing and dancing and mostly on my feet, but I rarely take the time to just enjoy the moment.  I’m usually too busy trying to get the best pics, trying to get that perfect “unblurry” shot of the entertainer, that I end up only remembering the show by the pics that I took.  Do you know what I mean? Anyway, this time I didn’t even bother and it was flipping amazing.  I took pics of me and John before the concert, of our friends, etc, but when Bruno hit the stage, that was it!  I was lost in in his voice and hips….lol.  We had great seats, front row on the first tier of a seated section, NO, not front row in the mosh pit, I’m too damn old for that and when I have to go pee or get a beer, I want to make sure my seat is waiting for me when I get back! So front row, in a section to the left of the stage with a great view of the band and the pit, it was SO COOL! Honestly, it’s kind of surreal now, because I literally did get lost in the music and fun, I remember dancing and singing with John, I remember the band singing all my favorite songs, I remember Bruno’s pelvic dance moves, haha, but it all went by so fast and is now all kind of blur.  I’ll tell you this, at 50 years old, I out-danced, out-sang, every lovely young lady and man anywhere near us.  And so did John!  As I sit here writing this post, I have a sly smile on my face thinking of how sexy my own man looked as he was moving and grooving to Bruno and how much fun we had laughing and singing to each other, how did I get so lucky?

Oh and before the concert, I waited in line to purchase Bruno Mars merch, not only was I already wearing a shiny, bomber jacket like the ones he is always sporting on his videos, but I also purchased some “chunky” hoop earrings that of course were too big, too audacious, too tacky and yes, TOO FUN! HA, yes I had my “Bruno Mars” look going on and so did John in his long sleeved red silk sexy shirt, it went perfectly with the black satin robes we received in our swag bag for purchasing our Hot Gold tickets, and yes we did laugh out loud when we opened our bags and saw the robes, they are AWESOME!  Totally pimping. We were definitely raising our pinky rings up to the moon all night long!

24karat gear


My goal at this particular concert was to enjoy every moment and commit it to memory and not worry about getting the perfect picture, and I did!

And speaking of perfect pictures, the Ziggo Dome big screen got some pretty good video of me so I am told!  I just remember singing and dancing and using my hands to articulate the feeling of the song when all of a sudden John grabbed me and yelled, “you’re on the big screen!” Instead of even looking at the screen I just continued singing and dancing…truth is, I couldn’t hear what he said and I didn’t know that I was on screen, so I just continued embracing the moment and learned of my big moment later.

As I said earlier, the concert went by quickly.  The next thing I knew we were home paying the babysitter and I was trying on my 24K magic tour robe …and of course listening to more Bruno as we recalled the night, did a little more dancing and then put our tired selfs to sleep.

That was just Tuesday night  can you believe? The week ain’t over yet, scary right?

Haha, that’s it for now my friends, until we chat again, remember…

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” -Mark Twain

The most Bruno Marsiest couple at the concert



Till next time,


aka Bruno Mar’s sassiest 50 year old fan!


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