Best Day Ever! Victoria’s getting married Part 2

We did it!

How do you describe the day your only daughter gets married?  You dream that this most momentous day in your daughter’s life will be beautiful, magical, sentimental, FUN, fantastic, fabulous, moving, all those things and more.  You want your daughter and her fiancee to have the “BEST DAY EVER!” and I’m so pleased to post that they did, they really and truly did! Or should I say, WE did!!!!

I could go on and on about how beautiful the bride was, she’s my daughter, I know, no bias I swear! She was lovelier than you can imagine and she and her dress were breathtaking. I could go on and on about the wedding venue, food, BAND, the dancing all night etc…..everything was perfect, and beautiful in every way.  What put this wedding over the top were all the people that surrounded this beautiful, amazing couple!  There were literally people from all over the world who came to celebrate their love and their union.  I wish I could bottle up the feelings of joy, pure joy and love that was felt among the guests’ friends, and family members that made their way to a little town in California called Angwin, to attend Victoria and Ryan’s wedding.

I assure you, it was not an easy venue to get to, and some people could not make it, but those who did, shared a very special moment in time together.  We all felt the electricity in the air, the happiness, the celebration of this amazing young couple devoting their lives to each other.

(To see the absolute most precious pictures from the wedding, please click on this link, , these are just a sample of the pics taken by the wedding photographer)

You would think this would be an easy post to write, but it’s hard to capture into words the true magic of that day and the days leading up to it.  I keep asking myself, what made it so incredibly special? Why do I keep choking back happy tears when I think on that day or look back at pictures, is it truly just because she’s my daughter? I’ve finally figured out the answer.  Its’ because on that day I believe we all felt the love and open hearts we all have for each other in combining our families and friends.  Victoria is truly marrying into a family that loves her and her new “family” and the amount of people who love her and care about her has just doubled.  The same for us towards Ryan, we truly love him and are so blessed that he is now a real part of our family.  As my son Vincent put it during his wedding speech, we could not have put pen to paper and written down a “list” of all the amazing personality traits we would hope for in the kind of man we hoped would someday be Victoria’s partner in life.  They both now have 8 (that’s right 8) parents between them who love them completely and will always be there to support their union and offer love and advice should they ever want or need it.  And along with those 8 parents come so many wonderful new additions of family and friends. Bruce keeps asking, “Ryan is my brother now right?” Indeed he is Bruce, absolutely he is and we welcome him to our family as my daughter’s husband and hopefully in the next few years, the father of my grand babies!

I’ll end with this.  The day went by too incredibly fast.  Too fast and for all those times I wish I could hang on to a moment in time, this was the hardest one to let go of because it was so special.  I tried to hang back from Victoria a bit that day, I didn’t want to crowd her, and didn’t want to take up all her attention but all day I willed myself to remember everything, to take in everything. I watched her and marvelled at the young woman she has become.  My little girl who used to play dress up with my high heels, my teenage daughter who used to steal my clothes, my high school graduate who left Texas for an out of state college leaving her friends, family and comfort zone behind for adventures and new challenges.  My little girl who that day became a married woman.  How quickly time passes.

Victoria and Ryan’s wedding was a magic moment in time. As the night ended, goodbyes were said, wedding guests were scattering, band was packing up, I couldn’t believe it was over. Heading to the car, John asked me if I was alright.  We were leaving, I couldn’t believe that so quickly it had ended. We continued walking and I looked up at the sky and saw the most beautiful stars! They looked so big, so bright, so close like you could almost reach out and touch them.  Magical.  I was overwhelmed with the beauty of them, and realised that the stars, shining so brightly and so beautifully summed up the whole day and evening for me,  lovely, perfect, heavenly, peaceful.  Yes John, I was alright, I was very alright.

Congratulations Ryan and Victoria! Now hurry up and give me some grand babies! Kidding! (not kidding).

Victoria & Ryan, Best Day Ever, May 20, 2017 #foreverOliveria , BEST DAY EVER INDEED!

Till next time.



The pictures below are mostly taken from people’s iPhones and a very few by my amazing friend Heather, these are just random pics but I hope you are able to feel  the fun, and joy of the wedding weekend!

Tori, her Dad and I, this was Thursday night before the wedding as the wedding party and guests start arriving!

Yay! Aunt Shirley has arrived!!!!!!! I love this lady, she was the first person right after her Dad and I to love Tori completely, unconditionally, forever!

Can you tell these two are brothers? They took the sombreros off the wall and wore them while we were eating Mexican food. Teehee, always love it when these two get together!


Wedding rehearsal, me and my Vincent

Earlier that day, Ryan’s aunt and step mother Allyson, what a great day of wine tasting!

Rehearsal dinner, Charlie (Ryan’s Dad), Allyson, his sister Layton, and brother Hunter.

Tori, her wedding officiator and best friend’s husband, and Layton, I can’t remember what they were laughing at!

Danielle, Tori and Vincent, Danielle is Tori’s college roommate!



Here we go! Bridal party ready to walk down the aisle!!!±



I really do!

We did it

Mother of groom, mother of bride! We did not plan on having similar “collars” on our dresses but was wonderful coincidence!

Me and my Tori.


Charlie, Allyson, Layton, and their Heather…




John’s Dad Jim, his mother Marta, John and me and Bruce playing one of the garden games while waiting for the bride and groom to appear….


Bruce and Livy, he’s so sweet with little ones!

Guest took polaroid pics of themselves and glued them into guest book with wedding wishes! Precious Livy thought the camera was “magic”. Annette and John in the background.

Me taking polaroid pic of Tori’s Dad and other mother Kim for the guest book!




Diana, (best friend growing up in Texas) and my sister Margaret! Thank you Heather for this pic and making me look skinnier!!!

Daddy’s girl, daughter and father dance. Beautiful.

Bruce surprised us all with his moves like Jagger!

My oldest and my youngest….blessed!


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