Letting the days go by……

Hello everyone!!!! I’m going to pretend that it hasn’t been since MAY when I last posted….that a whole summer, the start of a new school year and our 3rd year of living in the Netherlands has already come and gone. So much is going in these days, it’s like the world has gone crazy along with hurricanes and earthquakes and scandal after scandal, meaningless loss of lives..the list goes on and on.  It’s a scary world that we are living in these days.  We can’t sugar coat it, it really is. But I’m going to take a break from all that news and what’s been going in in the world around us.  The following post is an update on what is going on with us.  Three years in, going on our fourth year here, the adventures continue.

Where do I start?  It seems too far after the fact of another beautiful summer in Greece to go into that but yes, it was great, wonderful and I came back with a great tan that I’m not supposed to be happy about because of the sun being bad for you and all that.  But I came back with a great tan none the less and I enjoyed being a little sun kissed and make up free for a few weeks after.


Bruce and his new Greek girlfriends, the only English they spoke was “Hello Bruce, come on Bruce, Bye Bruce”! All this they learned the week while we all enjoyed the beach in a little beach town called Chorefto.


Me and my man at a wonderful restaurant, see my review on tripadvisor, if you ever visit there see Sakis at Sogambros Fish Tavern and tell him we sent you!


See also my review for the wonderful hotel we stayed at, hello Kyra!  We miss  your smiling face




If by looking at the pics you think that all we did was sleep in, eat, play on the beach, relax, eat, sleep and do it all over again every single day, well you would be correct.  As John says, isn’t that what vacationing is?

Without further ado, our vacation to Greece was magical and if Greece is a destination that you are considering,  go ahead and do it!  It’s such a wonderful place full of history and beauty and good food and amazing beaches and truly nice people!

Upon our return to the Netherlands we had a short time to get ready for Bruce’s first day of Fourth grade!  Man where has the time gone?  Seriously.  How do I have a 28 year old, 26 year old (Vincent just had a birthday) and a 9 year old!!!!  And a fourth grader to boot.  It seems like just yesterday we were starting our expat journey and Bruce was literally just a toddler and still in diapers.  So as of this writing, Bruce has been a fourth grader for about 3 months now.  Again, where does the time go?

With that said, below are pictures of everything these past three months, in no particular order,  just a glimpse from random days in our lives in Amstelveen, The Netherlands!


Bruce’s first day of school, riding home with friends.

Sunday jazz fest in our hood

Saturday traffic

Saturday traffic after lunch

On the ride home…

me and my twinny on wandering Wednesday…

Breakfast at the film museum, Vondelpark




We have been so lucky that we are blessed with such good friends.  Here and “back home”.  Two wonderful ladies visited us this past August and September (separate visits).  After they came and went I realised how much that I see and I don’t see on a daily basis while living here in the Netherlands.  When people visit, I think you see the space around you thru their eyes and my eyes certainly were opened up again at the things I take for granted here.

Like what? Hmmmmmmm, like all them museums, we have so, so, many in and around Amsterdam. What else?  The numerous biking trails that literally go on and on and on and that can take you-via a biking trail from Amsterdam to almost any little town or city nearby, possibly all of them, not sure, haven’t tried but is definitely on my to do list to try to go from at least one of the towns to the next on the bike only.  What else, what else? The amazing, gorgeous scenery that I find myself smiling at every single day, rain or shine, it’s incredible how beautiful nature is on its own with nothing to enhance it just trees and grass, sheep and lamb and cows roaming.  Yes, yes, that’s alot of places in the world but to be able to see all this in large spaces, just a few minutes out of the big city is amazing, and brings me so much peace and calm to behold.  My friend Heather pointed out that I seem so happy here and I noticed that I smiled so much while pointing out picturesque scenes in the city and in the burbs and on our drive to Voorburg where we did a photo shoot with a lovely friend and her wee baby.  Though the day started out cloudy, even so, it was such a beautiful day.  Living and being here just makes me happy.  I’m scared that since I’ve said it out loud now that I’ve somehow jinxed it and our time here will end soon, I mean jeepers, it’s already going by so fast! But until our time here is up, I’m going to keep on keeping on and riding my bike when I can and going on “Wandering Wednesdays” or Thursdays and weekend road trips and bike trips with friends and fam, with anyone who wants to get on their bike and explore areas that we’ve already seen and new areas that we haven’t.  Yes, of course I ride my bike on more than just Wednesdays but I’ve decided that one day a week, no matter what I have going on, I’m going to take a “me” day and just jump on my bike and go where it takes me. Housework, errands, other stuff, be damned! Any day that I can squeeze that kind of “me day in will be utilised to explore and enjoy.  Anyway, I’m including some pics of us just “living” in the Netherlands, it’s not always super exciting but it’s always, every single day, pretty darn good.

♫ And you may find yourself
In another part of the world

behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house
With a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here?♫


How did I get here indeed, how do I make every moment count is the bigger question.

Till next time, and I promise, promise, promise, the next time will be very soon!



one last pic!  Ahh date night.

My favourite date nights are ones that we go to on our bikes. LOVE

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