Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling fans only…..

John hates it when I watch or read the news. Absolutely hates it. Why? Because Sagittarius that I am, I feel things deeply and certain things “in the news, and in the headlines”, are really upsetting to me and tend to get me riled up one way or another. So, sometimes I try to only read the “fun stuff”. “People” is a guilty pleasure. But sometimes the “fun stuff” isn’t so fun. Imagine my surprise when looking to see which celebs are doing what/who etc, Charles Manson’s ugly mug materializes with a story about him getting married? I was looking for “fun news” and I have to read about that troll?

Charles Manson marries? Yup. That’s a headline this week. Seriously? This is Charles Manson. CHARLES MANSON. I was really, REALLY young when his group of wide awake zombies killed people it seemed for the sheer fun of it. I don’t know how, but as young as I was (5/6 years old maybe?) I remember the headlines about it then and I remember the television movie that was made about it soon after, I remember being TERRIFIED by what he and his groupies did and the sight of him on television then, and on my computer now still make me think of a pregnant Sharon Tate brutally murdered along with many others that horrible night. How did this guy get to marry in prison? Why does he get to be joyous and happy? His new wife as I write this is being catapulted into reality stardom, how and why does this happen? Am I adding to the “crazy” by writing about it?

I will not apologize for thinking this particular news is sick. That it is not right for him to have any happiness in his life after the suffering and brutality he and his gang of idiots reaped on those innocent people years ago.

Let’s try this again.

Bill Cosby is accused of doing what? Nooooooooooooooooo! Geez. Not the voice of Fat Albert. Not wise, smart, funny, most lovable Dad ever, “Dr. Hustable“. Please no.

Big huge sigh. Last few weeks I was reading about the Seattle high school shooter who murdered his best friends, two of whom were his family…close cousins who he called brothers. A few days ago I was reading about Paul Kassig, a true humanitarian slaughtered by the terrorist group who will not be named on these pages. Just reading about them scares me, don’t want their names on my pages.

Today, I didn’t want to read about all that ails us in the world. I wanted brain numbing, gratuitous instant pleasure. Ahhhhh finally found it.

Thank you Ryan Gosling. I can stop thinking about the serious stuff for now, stop wondering why we are living in such dangerous and disappointing times….and get back to lighthearted fun stuff. Just for a little while. Ryan Gosling, you rock.

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