Adventure is out there!

We’re sitting in the living area of our hotel apartment on our last morning in Houston.  You see we head to Amsterdam today.  At 3:40pm exactly.We came to Houston to pack another crate to send along to The Netherlands, to take additional comforts of home that John’s company allows us, and also to see our family and partake in Texas sized meals and beverages.I realized very quickly that though we have left India, it hasn’t completely left us.  It was almost like breaking up with an old  boyfriend….everything we saw and did this last week, I would compare to how the experience might have been in India.  Like when we went to a drive thru (Taco Cabana) and received our small drinks…they were the size of large ones in India….yes those are the thoughts that were constantly going in my head, “Wow! These would be large drinks in India”, and stuff like, “wow, these roads are so quiet, you would never be able to drive like this in India”, negative or positive, it doesn’t matter, the fact was everything I did and saw I would compare it to India.  John and I have decided to call it, “the India effect”, because regardless of the good times and the bad times, India affected us.  It has left it’s imprint in our hearts and minds forever.

I’m not sure that I ever even want to get over India, even when life was at it’s toughest for us there (and believe me you can only see the poverty, trash and injustices so long)  because there were so many positives as well.  It’s going to take me a very long time to process my time there.  I don’t really care to put it in a box and look at it right now, the experience is all too vivid and near for me to do anything with it other than compare my new experiences it to it at this time.

But I really don’t want to do that either.  We are soooooo excited about our new adventures and I want to quit comparing everything to what we just left, rather I want to experience  without comparing to life in India and the US.  I want this new “lover” in my life to be that….brand new with no expectations good or bad and to welcome each new day with an openness of mind and heart.

That being said, think we’re finally going to burn our FRRO papers and make some smokes over the fire, lol.  well maybe not today but soon.  That is one thing that we won’t be able to help but compare and be gleeful about, no more FRRO visits or DOCUMENTS TO SHOW EVER AGAIN, YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

I will of course be blogging about new adventure in Amsterdam, going to figure out how to link this old blog to the new one, hope you’ll keep reading because I know there are some interesting time ahead.

Houston to Amsterdam…..we’ll see you soon!

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