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So….it’s our last ten (10) daysin India.  Way too many emotions swirling around in my mind and heart, but before I let myself analyze those feelings too much (yes, I have more than one feeling on leaving India) let me first write about the past 3 weeks!Usually when we vacation in summer we go to exotic places and there is usually a beach involved, this time I spent three weeks in the US and more than half of that time in Pittsburgh, PA.  Say wut? Pittsburgh you ask?

Yes, and it was so amazing..  In short, Pittsburgh rocks! Who knew? I sure as heck didn’t.

The only feeling that ever came to mind when I thought of Pittsburgh was resentment as any loyal “Luv ya blue fan” will tell you, Pittsburgh is the town that robbed the Houston Oilers of a Super Bowl berth in 1980.  Yes, that still chaps my ass and gets me all choked up on when you see football legends tv specials about that particular game, and the way the city of Houston rallied around their team and coach who LOST that infamous game. Remember that speech? Jeez, will there even be another coach as awesome as Bum Philips?  Will Houston ever have a team as beloved as the Houston Oilers? (Yes, I’m a Houston, Texans fan but not even close to the fan I once was of the Houston Oilers). Here’s the link, go ahead, if you’re a football fan, I dare you not to get all choked up after seeing this;

Anyway, when my daughter Victoria told me she was moving to Pittsburgh, the only advise I gave her, or rather demanded of her was “you’d better not become a Steeler fan!”  I am laughing to myself as I write that because that was seriously the only thing I said to her after congratulations on the promotion, “do not become a Steeler fan!’….bad Mom:(

I had no idea that I would fall in love with the city and hope to someday return.  Putting it simply, Pittsburgh is beautiful and quaint and full of history.  The architecture of the homes, the buildings, the museums (so many things to do!) and so darn easy to get around by taxi, buses, WALKING…and the weather, and the people, oh my goodness they were so nice!  And boy were they loyal to their sports teams there.  Almost every person you saw was wearing some kind of jersey or t-shirt supporting one of their local teams. It was soooo, I don’t know electric? Definitely fun and people watching there was incredible.  Yes, I know the winter wasn’t upon us yet, and according to my daughter the winters there are pretty harsh, but in late July, all I could think of is that I couldn’t wait to return next year for another visit.  To Pittsburgh? Yeah…I know I was dumbfounded and still am.  But since I’m so short on time these days, and writing at 5:37 a.m. Tuesday morning because I am jet lagged, let me just end this post with some pics of my fantastic visit and I would also like to add that I purchased my new camera a Panasonic-Lumic G6 specifically because I couldn’t bear not to try and capture the scenic beauty that is Pittsburgh.  I didn’t get my camera till my last 24 hours there, and it took me almost all of that time to just figure out the basics (thanks Ryan!) so some of the pics includes one I took from my HTC mobile, but here is a view of Pittsburgh through my eyes and let me tell you, though I ‘ll never be a Steerlers fan, I can’t wait to someday go back and enjoy a football game with my daughter if she stays through another football season. Thank you Victoria for being brave enough to move to a city that your Momma only ever knocked during football seasons and for showing me a whole new part of the US that I never even thought to visit before and giving me a new outlook on “Steeler” territory. I loved it!

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