Snuggle Walking


Snuggle Walking.
Before I start yapping about our “big news” I want to ask if any of you have heard of “snuggle walking”…

We returned to Singapore last week to have Bruce’s tonsils and adenoids removed.  I’m sure there is a medical term for it but it escapes me at the moment.  Anyway, Bruce had the surgery, we spent the night at the hospital, were given meds for his pain and instructions on his after care, blah blah blah.

On the day after he was released from the hospital, he asked if he could have a new Lego set.  As he had been in the hospital and had been such a trooper, we said yes of course he could have a new Lego set, and asked which kind he had in mind.  Bruce quickly responded,”I’ll pick it out”, we of course were worried about him being out and about and reminded him that he was still recovering from his surgery and was maybe not ready to head to a big mall even if it was only a walk across the street.  Without missing a beat Bruce said “that’s okay Daddy we can snuggle walk, you know, snuggle together while we walk? Look I’ll show you how”.  He did and they proceeded to head out to Paragon mall and purchase the Star Wars AT-AT Lego set.  John says they snuggle walked all the way there and back! Snuggle walking….little does Bruce know that his Daddy and I have lot of experience snuggle walking, lol we just never had a name for it.

Now to our big news!  Our time in India is coming to an end.  Mixed emotions about it, happy? Yes! Sad? Yes. Excited about our new adventure, absolutely!  Sad you wonder?  Me too. You see India and I have had a love hate relationship.  Sometimes I love it, a lot of times I hate it. And there are times I love to hate it especially when I’m with other expats and we complain about the most comedic things!  Conflicted emotions because although I know I am ready to leave, I am sad to leave behind friends, staff, the interesting scenery, the “never knowing what is going to happen today” adrenaline that comes when I wake up every morning.  There is no where else in the world like India and though I am ready to leave it behind I wish that I had done better while I was here.  I wish I  could have seen and done more, wish that I had been able to overcome my fears (never did try any street food though sometimes I really wanted to) and then wish I wouldn’t have become so jaded while I was here (stories for another time).  Frankly I get a big fat “F” as in fail for my time in Bangalore. t’s been over two and a half years now, and the thoughts that keep going through my head are, I can’t wait to leave but I wish I had been able to do more.  You come here thinking you’re going to be the next Mother Theresa and instead you wake up and realize you’ve become more like Archie Bunker.  That’s the sad truth in my case.

India has changed me in ways that I don’t think you could understand unless you have lived here.  Visiting for a week or two, just doesn’t  count,  living here, you come to truly appreciate the small things in life and take the biggest pleasures in people and things that are good and beautiful.  When people who have so much less than you can find a reason to smile, you best believe your priorities need a good straightening out and so do you.

So much more I could say and should have written about had I been more consistent with my blog postings…..sorry about that.

We’re leaving India soon.  The main question people who I am leaving have asked are “would I come back for a visit?” Sure, leaving behind some wonderful people, life long friends that I will miss and I would love to come back to see.  “Would I want to live here again?”  No.  I wouldn’t.  “If I could go back in time, would I change things and miss this experience?” Never (and believe me we had some rough ones here), but I would never trade this experience for anything and know that I am a much affected person, very different from the person I was before I experienced India, and can whole heartedly say I am “happy” that India “experienced me too”.

Will write more as our days come to an end here, I anticipate more crazy days ahead, as you never know what to expect in this very chaotic place.


When Bruce woke up he asked “Did I do it? Was I brave?” He was so brave:)

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