What does the fox say?

Wow.  Has it really been two months since my last post?  Time passes quickly, especially here in India.  I still don’t understand that. My days seem to fly by and when I look at the calendar another month has always passed and I’m wondering to myself “how did that happen?”. Oh well, neither here nor there, lets get back to “now”.  The months of January and February have been all about our little guy.  In January, once school was back in session, Bruce would come home from school bouncing around to a song that he would sing barely loud enough for me to hear.  Finally, he asked me to “find the fox song on iTunes”  that they were going to perform at the opening ceremony of Sports Day at his school.  All I had to go by were the lyrics that he knew, “what does the fox say”, and it turned out it was also the name of the song, yay!  So found the song, watched the youtube video, then bought it on iTunes. Gotta admit the song is quite catchy and makes you want to get up and dance, which all us parents did at Sports day when the song and dance was finally performed!

Next up in the month of Feb was Bruce’s birthday!  Can’t believe our little guy turned 6 years old this year..6 years old.  Again, wow.  Where does the time go?  

So much going on these days, not enough time to write as much as I would like, but hope these pictures will tell the tale of the past two months, what we are already calling “2014-the year of Bruce”, lol.  Enjoy!


Our little fox!  Getting ready to sing and dance for us:)


Bruce’s 6th birthday bash-water balloon fights, bouncy slide, robots visiting from space, OH MY!

What does the fox say?  I think he said “great party madam”, teehehehehehehe

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