The times of your life…..we’ll remember.

PictureBruce telling us he needs to go faster…

They say it takes a village.  Or in our case it took two guys from a village and a Dad from a big city.  All three guys taught Bruce how to ride a bike with no training wheels.  Yay Bruce! We started on Wednesday when John decided to take the day off from work. It was just John and I trying to convince Bruce to get on the bike and not be afraid to fall. Bruce was heavily padded but did not trust us to hold onto the bike while he learned how to balance it.  Very soon Lokesh and Yogandra (Big Uncle) joined in the training lesson and lucky me got to take a back seat and watch the men do their thing. About an hour after it started to monsoon…..really heavy rain, and the first bike riding with no training wheels came to a halt.  It’s okay though John had let go of the bike when Bruce was pedaling and he balanced on the bike perfectly until he realized John wasn’t holding onto him, but he realized that he could do it and just needed practice.  We were all sad that the lesson had to end because of the rain but the good news was that Bruce was no longer afraid.

On Thursday, Bruce decided he couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home so we asked Lokesh and Big Uncle to help again with the bike training.  They jumped right in and took over and I got to rest from my perch in the window in my room and cheered them along as they helped Bruce gain his confidence and balance on the bike.  When John got home yesterday evening it was raining so he didn’t get to see the progress Bruce had made that day, but was happy to know that Bruce was no longer scared.


Rapunzel watching the bike riding lessons..

PictureOur family

That brings us to today, Friday, Bruce’s morning lesson started early and he surprised all of us by just jumping on the bike and going.  He discovered he liked going fast and soon he was leaving everyone in his wake, lol.  He couldn’t wait till his Dad got home so he could show him his new awesome riding skills.

When John got home, the first thing he did was ask Bruce if he wanted to practice riding his bike to which Bruce quickly responded by showing him he no longer needed the practice as he is very capable of riding his bike like a “big boy” now.

Yesterday I hesitated letting  Lokesh and Big Uncle teach Bruce without John because I thought it might deprive John of a special bonding time with his son…but what I realized very quickly was that the bonding time did occur, but with all ALL of us. It reaffirmed what I already knew about our “staff” here.  That even though we are the employers and they the employees, we have become a family unit.  Lokesh and Big Uncle were so excited to be included in teaching Bruce to ride his bike and got just as much joy as we did seeing Bruce master bike riding.  We all clapped and cheered him on, we all felt his pride and his sense of accomplishment and we were all just really happy to be a part of this special moment in Bruce’s life.

These are the moments, just some of the precious moments that will forever bind us to India, and I know someday Bruce will cherish these memories too.


Bruce, happy bike rider

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