Make a Wish Event 2013


This is why we do it.  These kids and the smiles and the love and the good energy they give to us is priceless.

I wish I had a picture of when we came up to “our orphanage”, they immediately recognized us and we were covered in hugs and smiles and of course my Santa hat was immediately confiscated, lol.  A lot of hard work went into this event, there were over 330 kids from 5 different orphanages sponsored, Ema Trinidad is the amazing lady who this huge event together and we were lucky to play a bigger role in the event this year. Our part in all of this will never be as big as the parts of the people who run the orphanages on a daily basis.  They give their hearts, their time, their all to these kids and we were grateful to be able to a part of this one special day where we can feel good about the small contributions that we make.


John and Shashi are having a cute conversation here.  Shashi is our special guy at Jeevrathni.  If ever there were a kid I would like to adopt it would be him.  I won’t go into how this would be impossible here (another illogical mess of red tape that would never come to fruition) but I will tell you that we plan, and hope to always be in touch with the kids at Jeevrathni and do what we can to help.

You’ll notice Bruce is missing from these pics, he has been fighting a flu bug for awhile now and on Saturday he just wasn’t up for this all day event.  It was a shame because not only did he help pick out the gifts for the kids, but our little guy has also become an expert gift wrapper.  That’s right, Bruce helped wrap all of the gifts, and when he wasn’t wrapping he was making sure that my breaks were kept to a minimum and that I kept the schedule of getting the gifts wrapped and delivered on time.  He was quite the bossy one, lol.

Wanted to write a longer post today and catch everyone up on all that’s been going on, but we just found out this morning, that there is no school today due to the death last night of the Mysore King, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar.   It’s really no different than snow days and rain days, and it’s actually fun finding out at the last minute that both my guys get to stay home today, an unexpected treat! Will try to put as much as I can into this post but there is actually much more going on in my head that will just not make from “pen to paper” today. I’ve had writers block for awhile and was finding it difficult to find time to write when interesting and worthy events I had to share one day instantly get replaced by something else more interesting to share very quickly becomes the next thing I want to share and before you know it, all these experiences have come and gone and we were so busy just getting through and “living” them that I end up not having the energy or time to write about them regardless if they’re good, bad, fun, happy or sad.

To put it bluntly, life is passing too quickly and somedays not quickly enough.  Days go by so fast, and weekends even faster and I’m spending this week getting ready for our first visit to the US in two years!  It’s weird.  We lived in Houston forever, and all of a sudden I was asking myself, what in the world are we going to do there for two weeks?  It’s much different when you live there than when you are visiting.  We are staying with a very dear friend who is in the city central so I’m sure finding things to do won’t prove to be difficult at all.  Mostly, we just want to introduce Bruce to all the best things leading up to Christmas….like?   Like buying a “real” Christmas tree.  Like the fun of picking out the “perfect tree” and getting it home and decorating it  and home (our friend has assumed us she will wait for us to help decorate her place), while singing Christmas carols and making sugar cookies and drinking hot chocolate (with Bailey’s for me and John).  Driving down the streets where the best Christmas lights are displayed on houses and yards…..Christmas caroling, Christmas shopping and all that leads up that very special day when we celebrate the birth of Christ and being with our loved ones.

I will have Victoria and Vincent and Bruce and John together.  My cup will overflow.  Once again another random post with thoughts going about everywhere, i guess that more than anything sums up my life here.  Chaotic, crazy, fast, moving in all directions all the time at once.  Goodbye for now.  I’ve found my mojo again, and will write more frequently.

Merry Christmas!
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