Long time no write….


It’s hard to believe that it’s been such a long time since my last post.  I haven’t lost my love for writing, just my love for writing about India.

It’s hard to explain.  India is a harsh mistress as my bestie so perfectly put it.  She’s magical and mystical and frustrating and illogical and everything in between.

It’s either extremely amazing or extremely hard.  It’s a life of extremes here and some days I am turned sideways and upside down and I don’t know which extreme to write about so i write nothing.  I don’t know if I could ever adequately describe life here.  It’s more and more my thinking that you will never truly understand unless you actually live here and therefore it becomes for me, almost pointless to write about it.

Still, I do have people asking me to please continue to blog, to post pics, to share more experiences about our time here.  So I’ll continue to try.

Today there is constant, loud, ANNOYING HEAD SPLITTING hammering going on above me.  Our ceiling has been leaking for months and they have finally identified the problem.  The stairs that surround our jacuzzi on the roof were somehow not waterproofed under the tile and there lies the problem.  So…..they are tearing up our tiles stairs on the roof and then will waterproof, and then replace with new tiles.  This was supposed to be completed during our trip to KL but of course it wasn’t.  We cannot get a confident time frame of when the tearing up and hammering will be completed.

They will be done when they are done and I will leave my house shortly and get away from the noise.  Bruce is at school, John is at work so the only one here who it is truly bothering is me.

It’s a bit amusing/annoying that every morning each worker greets me with a “hello madam” with their two hands clasped mid chest like in prayer, with a head bow.  Like I am some sort of queen or something.  Seriously?  I am smirking as I write this because yes, I would rather they ignore me and just go on up and do their job, but at the same time, it really hits me how different this would be were I in the states.  I mean just because they clasp their hands in a prayer like stance and give a short bow, is it really different than being greeted good morning by a construction worker in the US?  I mean it’s basically the same. Right?

Random post. Yes.  But you asked for it. Haha.

Later peeps.

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