Bruce Lee my father

Bruce Lee my father

Yeah right.  Whatever man, when I was younger the one picture that I have always had of my father was a picture in which he looked a lot like Bruce Lee.  My parents split up when I was 3 years old I think, so I don’t have many memories of my Dad as we weren’t in each others lives throughout the years.  That doesn’t mean he didn’t play a role in my life.  He did. Only in my mind.  He was Bruce Lee.  My whole life I have heard the question “what is your background?”.   I’ve heard it all, Mexican, Hawaiian, Spanish, Italian, Asian, Greek, Native American, etc, and just to mess with people more times than not I would agree with whatever their guess was.  Teehee.  But I always loved it most when I was asked if I was Asian because in my mind I kinda was.  I mean, if Bruce Lee was my Dad, it only stood to reason that I was some part Asian right?

And adding to the clues that Bruce Lee was really my Dad, I had the same birthdate as Bruce Lee.  November 27.  That couldn’t just be an amazing coincidence right? The proof in the pudding for me was that my older brother used to act like he was Bruce Lee.  I remember posters, I believe he even had a Bruce Lee action figure, and of course who can forget my brother’s numchuks? I also remember my brother’s stunts of flying off the roof in a kung fu kind of kick while twirling his numbchuks midair.  My brother was bad ass.  I think he always landed on his feet.  More proof that Bruce Lee was our Dad, badassness ran in the family.

I remember my mother taking us to all the Bruce Lee movies that would play at the drive-in movie place we used to go to.  Now why would a woman with small children take her kids to see violent kung fu movies with lots of blood, crazy martial arts fighting and death?  Well to see their father in action of course. Duh!

Well, the years went by as they do, and I eventually was reintroduced to my real Dad, not Bruce Lee, and sort of just came to terms with it without even realizing it.  I guess that’s what you call growing up.  Until that is Brandon Lee died.  I was crushed and cried like a baby for three days.  Seriously.  I know.  But it was so sad to me.  Maybe he wasn’t my brother and his father wasn’t my father, but for so long Bruce Lee had a special place in my mind and heart that his only son dying, just kind of, well, cut me deep.

So years pass and all of a sudden I am pregnant with my third child and even though we made sure that after every sonogram we were NOT told if we were having a girl or a boy, the only name we had picked out, was Bruce.  You know why. (that’s not a question).

Because I loved Bruce Lee.  Because Bruce was the only name that I wanted for our son if our baby was a boy.  There are so many Bruce’s that we thought were super cool like Bruce Lee, Bruce Wayne (the Batman) Bruce Campbell, Bruce Willis, now we would add Bruce Specht to the list of awesomeness!

Tonight we are on our way to Hong Kong.  Our Bruce thinks we’re going just for Disney and for him to meet Woody and Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story gang.

My husband knows better.

“As you think, so shall you become.”

Bruce Lee.

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