Feels like home…

We lived in Malaysia for approximately two (2) years.  So when our Airasia flight landed in Kuala Lumpur Saturday at 12:15 a.m., last week, I was surprised to hear my inner voice say, “ahhhhhh we’re home”.  I could physically feel all the stress and tension leaving my body and a familiar feeling of comfort and calm took over.  Nothing mattered now, all I could think of was I am out of India for a bit and “we are home”.  Wuuuuut?  My friends and family probably don’t know what to think of that statement.  Neither do I.  All I know is that in Kuala Lumpur I feel happy, stress free and completely at home.  Yes, I know we lead a very nice, comfortable life in India, we are truly blessed, blah blah blah.  I know, I know…..but for these two weeks that I am away, I am going to enjoy, indulge and not stress.  Going to enjoy traffic not being loud and insane, food at many different restaurants that feed the inner junk food junkie in me, (Carl’s Jr.), malls that have many beautiful, air conditioned dressing rooms, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera….and just bask in the joy of being around good friends, making new memories and making the most of our time till we return to India.  Since last Saturday Bruce and I have traveled on Airasia to Kuala Lumpur, road tripped to Kuantan, Malaysia, got back on Airasia and visited Thailand…..went back to KL where we reunited with John and headed back out on Airasia to where we are now comfortably situated in Cambodia.  Ahhh Cambodia….no words, my friends, no words.  So incredibly tired..but so, so happy.  Don’t know what I can write about again that I haven’t already said about Thailand and Malaysia and Cambodia, but I will try. NOt tonight, but soon.  Till I can put “pen to paper” again, know that we are back in our comfort zone, enjoying this side of the world and we’ll share our adventures with you soon.

Signed, I LOVE Siem Reap Forever,


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