We live in India


Somedays it hits me. WE LIVE IN INDIA!  It’s surreal and fascinating and unbelievable to me that we are actually living here.  Let’s face it, India was never on my radar for a place that I wanted to visit much less a place to live.  I read somewhere that living in India was a love/hate relationship and I have to agree.  Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, but one thing I never am in India is bored.  There are so many times while being driven around that I look out my window and take a picture of something that is so ordinary here but would be so unusual back home.  I’m smiling as I write this because you just see things here that blow your mind and make you chuckle and just like that you have another great story to share with your friends.

The lovely ladies below were on their way to a political rally.  I had my driver catch up to them and I tried to ask them a few questions.  It was hard as I don’t speak their language but the thumbs up sign and a huge smile goes a long way when trying to communicate.



Here is your typical “over loading” of a motorbike…I never get tired of seeing these on the road and how well balanced even the most overloaded driver seems to be.

I saw all these scenes outside my window, what did you see outside of yours?


Now onto some Bruce news.  This pic was taken at the TISB swim gala.  Bruce won 1st place in the swim treasure hunt event.  Cough, cough, thank you to our good friend Britten who captured these pics for us.  Long story.

Bruce’s school curriculum includes swim lessons.  It’s so great that they teach our kids to be comfortable in a pool and to swim and they put on a gala so that we can see their progress.   It was good fun for all of us and our kids did great! The cute little mermaid in pink is Stella, Jma and Britten’s little girl. She is quite the swimmer and has the best collection of swimsuits, Barbie would be jealous!


Well, that’s it for now.  Kinda running on empty today, it has been a non stop weekend and we are ready for a lazy day of nothing.  Till next time.


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