Science day and rumble in the jungle


Remember that line from dazed and confused, where the cute red headed chick says, “I’m gonna just you know get drunk, maybe get laid or get in a fight”….well that line came to mind after our little scuffle on Saturday night.  Scuffle?!!!!! Oh dear, what happened?  Hell if I know.  One minute we were out having a great time with our friends, dancing to music at the Zuri hotel dance club, the next minute I’m flying through the air while trying to get to my car. Yup.  This is India, shit happens and today, three days later I am still not sure why me and a couple of my friends went flying through the air and why we were in the middle of an angry mob.  The funny thing is it doesn’t even matter.  It was still a fun night out, we add another story to the collection of many interesting things that happen here, and when anyone asks me what happened my version is going to include how I whipped out some Uma Thurman Kill Bill moves and karate chopped my way outta there.  Okay, so the pic to the left is misleading.  Yes, it’s a broken foot, no it’s not mine.  Yes it happened on the night of the scuffle, but no…wish I could tell you it was from my pal doing some serious ass kicking but alas it was from a skipping jaunt to the bar.  Yes, she skips, and unfortunately her foot got stepped on accidentally and though she went on to dance the night away, she did so with a very swollen, broken foot.  Ouch!But before the rumble in the jungle on Saturday night there was Friday and Friday started off beautifully with two great morning events.  TISB presents Science Day!!!!!!!!  Bruce’s KG1A class had all kinds of songs and skits about animals and science.  It was amazing to hear the knowledge that the kids had about different animals as well as a lot of different science experiments.  They explained “sink or float”, taught us about what was soluble and insoluble and let’s not forget the magic of magnets!!!!


As you can see our cutie pie was a zebra and may I just say that he was the best zebra ever? He really was:).  Bruce taught us that zebras sleep standing up, that they belong to the horse family and that they run sideways when chased!  During the experiments presentation Bruce had a cup with water and paper clips in it.  He explained that he was going to show us “magic”. He asked me to put my finger in the cup and see if my finger could raise the paper clip, (it could not:) then he used a magnet from outside the cup to raise the paperclip out of the cup, see…..magic! Bravo!!!Science day was wonderful and the only damper on the occasion was that John couldn’t attend.  I look forward to seeing what the kids come up with next year.

But my day wasn’t over yet!  Not even close. After a fun lunch, I had an appointment to get my second fraxel laser treatment.  Yes, I am finally trying to do something about the sun damage on my face and acne scars..those of you who have seen me without makeup, hell even with makeup know that my face has issues.

Have any of you thought of doing fraxel? I have a couple of friends who have had these treatments and their skin looks soooooo good.  My skin in pretty badly damaged so I don’t expect the same kind of results but if I come even close, one quarter of looking as good as my friends do, I will be a happy lady.  My experience so far has been varied.  The first time I did it I felt like I was going to jump off the table and run home.  It hurt that badly.  But….I realize now that the numbing gel probably wasn’t applied as long as it should have been, most likely my fault, as I am always in a rush!  My last treatment on Friday, the numbing cream really worked, so the pain was less intense, totally do-able but the chaos in that office has me contemplating another doctor for the same treatments.
Looking at the pics I have posted you will see how my face looks almost sunburned in a lot of the pics, that’s normal after the treatment.  It should dry and peel soon too I believe, and hopefully a few more times of this and I’ll have better looking skin.  One can hope right? I’ll keep you posted.


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