Shankar do you have cash?

Most of you know that Shankar is our driver.  What you are probably wondering is who is asking Shankar if he has cash? Why that would be Bruce of course!  We took Bruce to school this morning and as it is his birthday we asked him if he wanted anything special for lunch as I would also be picking him up from school today (he normally takes the bus) after I drop off his birthday cupcakes.  His response was directed to our driver whom he asked very loudly “Shankar do you have cash?”.  John and I looked at each other and mouthed “WHAT?”  Shankar chuckled and told us that every time that I am not with him when he picks up Bruce at the bus stop, Bruce will ask Shankar to take him to McDonald’s. To “get out” of that situation without a fuss, Shankar simply replies to Bruce “I don’t have any cash”.  According to Shankar that settles the matter and Bruce forgets about McDonald’s and all is well.  I started thinking about all the things that we find funny about what our  little expat kid has become “used to” and expects.  For example, Bruce picks up his toys after he plays with them, but if he spills a drink or makes an unexpected mess he will call out for Watchme (his name for Lakshimi).  Also whenever we discuss things we are going to do as a family, he always include “Shankar, and Watchme and Gatri”.  Whenever John and I discuss “home” pertaining to Houston, Bruce is quick to correct us that our home is in India.  Our little guy even loves Indian music and I get a kick out of hearing him sing to Indian songs on the radio. He is no longer shy to dance in front of people and especially loves dancing when we are out shopping and will put his hands in the air and say “look at me dancing mommy”. Bruce is still alot to handle but I sincerely believe he is sympathetic to those who are less fortunate. He does not hesitate to give up a toy or something that he has when we are out in the city and little ones come up to the car to beg.  Some beggars scare him but more times than not he’ll tell us to give them something (no, we don’t always, that’s another story).  On a daily basis Bruce see so many things that he would NEVER see in the US and I honestly think when we get back to Houston a simple drive to school will be quite boring for him. He is 5 years old today and I’m sorry that I don’t write more about him because everyday he truly is a joy and quite the character to behold.
Happy Birthday Bruce!

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