Happy 5th Birthday Bruce!

Cool banner huh? Not sure how many years ago, but a good friend Erik Olstad, sent pics out of his little boy’s birthday party.  They had made race cars out of card board boxes and raced them around in their backyard. Seemed like a really cool, fun idea and I remember thinking wow I wish I would have thought of that when Vincent was little.  Years later, I have another little boy who is really into fast cars, I knew EXACTLY what kind of party to throw for him. Welcome race fans to the first annual BDS (Bruce Daniel Specht) Grand Prix!

This time last year, Bruce’s birthday was on the weekend that we had just moved into our “new home” here in Bangalore. We had literally been in a Bangalore for a month and didn’t know many people, Bruce wasn’t enrolled in any school and well, his bday party consisted of us going to Hard Rock Cafe and him blowing out a candle on the brownie dessert. “Bad” does not describe how we felt this time last year, we vowed that “next year” we would throw him a proper birthday bash.  What a difference a year makes!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t start the planning of this party until two weeks ago. But I am blessed to have made some really good friends and a wonderful staff who helped me put this party together.  Thank you Erika, after I struck out on boxes day1 of party planning got her driver Jraj on it and by day2 we had boxes (people you have no idea how frustrating that was initially).  Also, when I shared my vision for this party with Erika she got really into it and made the super cool Texas license plates and dashboard stickers too….you’ll see what I mean when you see the pics.  She also procured my tablecloth, as well as some of the painting supplies.  Thank you Hirwan, who wasn’t able to make it to the party but helped with the cutting down of the boxes and came up with the idea for “racing sunglasses” for the kids.  Thank you Jma for the lead on where to get a really cool birthday cake for Bruce on short notice. Thank you Katie for telling me where to go for party supplies on Commercial street and being such a pal and bringing the Krispy Kreme donuts all the way from the city. Thank you to our excellent driver Shankar, who when I said “I wish we had a banner”, asked me to sketch what I wanted, took that sketch and five hours later came home with the birthday banner! Thank youGayathri and Lakshimi, for the love and detail they put into helping make Bruce’s party a success. Thank you to the California Burrito boys for being our “pit crew”.  LOL, yes it sounds like I’m making an academy award speech here by thanking so many people but it truly was a group effort and it meant so much to us, to have a birthday party for Bruce that he would enjoy and sort of make up for a lack of a birthday party for him last year. Thank you to all our friends who came out on a Sunday and who really made our day so special by participating wholeheartedly.

Anyway, here are some pics of Bruce’s BDS Grand Prix birthday bashdI don’t know who had more fun, the kids or us parents.  One of the highlights of the races was when the Dads got to race each other.  The Moms race was fun too, but unfortunately no pics of that heat.  It was a great day and I am so happy that everything went according to plans.  No hiccups, not “fails”. It was pretty awesome. There are alot of pictures in this post, mostly for Tori and Vincent because I know that they would have loved to have been here. Hope you are enjoying a great Superbowl Sunday!  Till next time.








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